Spiritual Growth Essay

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Spiritual Growth

For my spiritual growth project I attended the pro-life march. That eight hour bus ride that we took down to D.C. was worth it, after I think about all I gained from the trip. When I first signed up for this trip I just thought I would be going to D.C with my friends and wasn’t really in it for the spiritual things. About five hours into the trip that thought was surely corrected and I experienced so much because I opened my mine and let God in. On that trip I allowed God into my heart and my mind when Mrs. Bulgrin got the whole bus silent and we prayed the rosary. There was something about that moment that was just so special to me. When I was saying the rosary and I heard everyone else’s voices in unison praying the Hail Mary's a sense of pride and joy came over me. I realized that not everybody gets this rare opportunity to be so close to God with their friends right next to them. I felt so lucky that my school gives me a great opportunity like that. I have never been closer with my friends either. And all this spiritual growing was happening in the first five hours. On the morning of the march it was freezing and snowing outside. I really did not want to go outside in the cold and march all around the city. What really got me in the mood to go marching was the mass before. So many people filled the Verizon center to fight for babies who didn’t have a say in their life, and it was inspiring. To hear the different people talk so passionately about abortion