Revolutionary Mothers Analysis

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In this report the book ‘Revolutionary Mothers’ by Carol Berkin will be discussed. How women’s struggled during the revolution and the various roles of them during long, and bloody wars. How women fought for the America’s Independence. The quotes from the textbook America: The Essential Learning Edition. Vol. 1 will be used to support the ideas about the book. Also, the quotes from the two primary sources will be added to boost the facts that will be talked about. The primary sources used are ‘Thomas Paine, Common Sense (1776), Benjamin Franklin, Testimony against the Stamp Act (1766), and A Loyalist and a Patriot Debate 1774. Chapter 1 “The Easy Task of Obeying”, is focused on the women roles of 17th and 18th centuries. The women were mainly …show more content…
When it was time to boycott of British Goods, women became crucial participants. “The first political act of American women was to say ‘No’.”(Berkin, p.13). They refused to use British tea. “the hastily called the Stamp Act Congrress had agreed to a boycott of all British-made goods until the tax was repealed.”(Berkin, p.13). “On February 13, 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp Act, which created special paper with tax stamps embossed on it.” (Tindall, p.125). People did not like this stamp act at all. Benjamin Franklin a colonist agent in London also described in his testimony that the people will not pay tax; if it will be a Stamp Act or any other act similar to it. “Q. What is your opinion of a future tax, imposed on the same principle with that of the Stamp Act? How would the Americans receive it? A. Just as they do this. They would not pay.” (Franklin, 1766). The names of the women were being in print in the manifesto, which was a daring step towards social consequences. It had a positive effect and was received positively as it was the same as what their husbands have been supporting for. Later they became concerned about their civic act and they started to help soldiers by spinning wool and collecting