Revolutionary: United States Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War Essays

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The Declaration of independence is seen as a document that set up the new nation of the United States. Fourth of July 1776 is a date accepted by the continental Congress to be celebrated each year in the U.S. How did this day come about was one of the greatest change in America history. Many countries have wars that affect them in many ways and bring about changes. The outcome however is different for every country. A war that created a big impact on the United States of America was the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war had a purpose which was to drive away from British control and move towards independence. Americans were under the control of the British and their power. The British were in great depth and took advantage by taxing the Americans and having them provide housing for the British troops out of their own pockets. Some of the taxes given to the Americans were the sugar act of 1764, tea act of 1773, and town shed act of 1767. All the taxes made the Americans frustrated and unpleased. The American citizens started protesting against the British laws and doing whatever they could to not follow them. They started a rebellion in Boston, known as the Boston Tea Party, where they snuck into a ship and dumped boxes and boxes of tea overboard in to the harbor. They also were producing letters and newspapers expressing the unfairness of the British actions towards the Americans. All this was enough for them and slowly they found it necessary to become independent of the Great Britain and earn respect. Thomas Paine had written a pamphlet called Common Sense and provided a thoughtful set of reasons on why they should seek for independence. This step lead to another , the congress ordered a committee to write a formal document on why they seek for their freedom and independence from the Great Britain. The document was