Revolutionary War Essay

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Jose Garcia 10/7/2012
Ms.Stanton U.S. History
Compare/Contrast Essay The American Revolution had an incredible impact on everyone that lived during the times of this war. It was a War of change and freedom, some say and others disagree. Let’s look at the perspective of two different groups during these times, the African Americans and the White Patriot men. Even though they fought for the same reasons and shed the same blood, they didn’t end up with the same reward. So the outcome of this war was not expected because of the hypocrisy that ended up occurring. When the war was started, the white patriot men promised freedom and equality for all, it was actually the reason that African Americans joined their side to fight. When the war ended the White patriot men benefited the most because they gained political rights and economic benefits from the western expansion. These men then got to keep their slaves, and they just kept gaining benefits from winning the war. In the long run it’s like they didn’t lose anything, but gained their liberty and so much more. Now it wasn’t the same story for the African Americans, it was strange because there was still slavery after a war fought to revolutionize the way the people in the Americas lived and their fight for freedom. It was hypocrisy, one of every five Americans was of African ancestry, and a majority of Africans were enslaved. Some African Americans in the south ran off to join the British because they weren’t given their freedom or the right to fight for their freedom like in the north. Most of the other African Americans joined patriot militias, the continental army and navy. Once the revolution ended and they were still treated the same it inspired them to fight for their rights as well. This lead to emancipation in the north which helped the northern slaves gain their freedom after fighting for it, this sadly didn’t work