Essay on Revolutionary War Notes

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Benedict Arnold went up to Quebec to try and get support from the French Canadians
Go during harsh winter, caused the men to resort to eating bark, candles, and even shoe leather to survive.
Canada would remain in British hands

Boston takes over
Battle of Bunker Hill and fort Ticonderoga left British short of supplies
George Washington placed all the stolen cannons in Boston and forced the British and 1500 loyalists in the area out of Boston and up to Canada
King George then set up a blockade of all ports in the colonies to prevent goods and people moving in and out of the area

First American Spy
24-year-old American lieutenant for George Washington disguised himself as a British soldier and steals info. Disguised himself as a Dutch school teacher and would design plans
Caught// recognized him in a bar and hung him in front of everyone
Was willing to die for his country

Battle of Trenton
Christmas day sneak attack on the Hessians from George Washington across frozen Delaware river

General Cornwallis
King George then called in the general Cornwallis to track down the Continental Army and end the war
Plan 3 prong attack (everyone supposed to show up at the same time to attack them)
British attacked them at Saratoga, New York and the continental army blocks all escape routes. 6000 British soldiers were now prisoners, First major win of the war

Treaty of Alliance (written literature – essay question 1)
After Saratoga victory, France realized that the Americans had a chance of winning the war

Valley Forge
Before French would survive the continental army would have to survive a record breaking harsh winter
Many died and got sick but they eventually toughed it out

John Paul Jones
“Father of the American navy”
American boats were very small compared to the huge British ships
John Paul Jones gets on the Serapes and with his crew kills everyone on board and takes the ship

Benedict Arnold
One of general Washington’s most trusted