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Bowling & Lounge
Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary: Revolutions Bowling and Lounge is the areas most prestigious bowling facility. It offers an array of services besides bowling, such as a billiard hall and banquet room. Our marketing goals and objectives for Revolutions is to really get their name out that they are not your average bowling alley and to get them a large light up sign so people can see their facility from the road. We expect to have an out come of increased sales and more daytime business. II. Situation Analysis: A. Internal Environment
Revolutions current marketing goals and objectives are to give the customer an experience, hence their tag line “an experience not to be spared”. They really want to make consumers aware that they are not your average bowling alley. Currently their marketing efforts have been through television ads, billboards, and print ads. They have been consistent with their mission as an organization through their marketing efforts, however, they are lacking the preferred customers they want, which are upper class, older individuals, with class and presence to have a good time and pay a pretty penny for an “experience” they will not forget. Along with that, they are having some negative issues with respect to their chain of command and their communication between their employees. All in all, the business as a whole is improving, despite those two downfalls. Their current prices and promotions are appropriate for the struggling economy and yet still stand up to their “luxury” standards. Their current bowing prices are as followed, and include shoes and are the price per person, per game.

Sunday through Friday 9 am – 12 pm $5
Monday through Friday 12 pm – 6 pm $5
Monday through Thursday 6 pm – 10 pm $6
Sunday through Wednesday 10 pm – close $5
Saturday 9 am – 12 pm $6
Sunday 6 pm – 10 pm $5
Saturday & Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm $6
Friday & Saturday 6 pm – 10 pm $6
Cosmic Bowling Every Thursday 10 pm – close $17
After Glow Friday & Saturday 10 pm – close $20

Their current promotional efforts in place right now include “Revolutionary Nights”, which consist of Monday night football and late night S.I.N, where if you show a valid service industry id you receive free shoes. Tuesday night Rock and Roll BOWL, where you listen to Classic Rock Hits all night long while you bowl. Wednesday night is trivia night, where various prizes are given. Thursday is cosmic bowling, 18 plus, the lights go down and the music goes up, enjoy an out of this world experience. Friday and Saturday is After Glow, 21 plus, and Sunday night they show the football games on their 25 foot projection screens while you bowl, and enjoy food and drink specials during the games. They also have league sing up sheets by the doors if anyone is interested.

B. Customer Environment
Revolutions current customers are people in or around South Windsor, and who are already familiar with the other business in the plaza (Nomads Adventure Quest, Reds Tavern). Also, customers who are in their rewards program, people involved with bowling leagues, youth (18 plus), and their primary market of middle aged demographics, people willing and able to spend the money in the bowling alley, lounge, billiard hall, and banquet rooms, are Revolution’s current and potential customers. Customers purchase the firms products directly from the firm. They receive the product/ service directly from Revolutions, and can make reservations via telephone. The Internet can be used to contact Revolutions to make reservations, book events, etc.; however, if you book online you must put a deposit down. E-commerce has not changed the purchase patterns drastically because you can’t physically bowl online. If anything it has allowed for more convenience for current and potential customers. Purchase behavior varies greatly based on different promotional events,