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Rewarding Employees Being appreciated for a job well done always makes doing something rewarding. Giving a meaningful recognition to an employee leads to high level of performance. By practicing reward recognition on a daily basis at a workplace can become more productive overall. Many companies use certain award themes to motivate and reward their employees. Some award themes consist of bonuses, paid days off, awards and certificates. In many cases rewarding employees seems easy, however they’re few challenges that occur. Many companies set performance measures to track progress such as bonuses. This is considered a way to create worth for the company and its investors. There are three types of bonuses that are generally given longevity, non-performance and performance bonuses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people 35 and younger change jobs every 18 months, and every age group after that every 3 years (Kearns, 2011). A longevity bonus motivates companies to offer employees an incentive to stay around for a longer period of time. For example, NorthStar EMS in Texas, offers employees up to $5,000 after 5 years of continuous employment. A non-performance bonus rewards everyone in the company with a bonus as a means of showing their appreciation for an overall job well done. A performance bonus gives employees an individual goal at the beginning of the year and if they achieve it they are given a reward at the end of the year. Paid time off is another form of incentive and recognition for an employee. For example, offering an extra week of paid vacation for employees that reach their 5 year anniversary or those who display good attendance each quarter can be rewarded with an extra paid personal day off. In addition, time off rewards can be given to the “employee of the month” who is paid one half-day off each week during the whole month. Praising employees for a job well done gives incentive for those employees to continue to perform above expectations. Awards and certificates are personal ways of saying thank you. For example, something personalized such as a certificate shows employees that it was meant only for them and they were thought highly of. In addition, giving something of quality that can be displayed in the office or at home