Reworking Thesis Statements Essays

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I followed the instructor’s suggestions and altered my thesis statement, by editing the first phrase and reorganizing my sentence. My thesis statement is now more clear and concise.

I am still in the process of writing my paper, hence, I do not know if I can reach the target word count however. I will accept the suggestion and search for an appropriate fourth point of discussion.

I will go thru the entire paper and convert it to the appropriate third person point of view, I will review my topic sentence and make sure they support my thesis statement and my central idea.

I have thoroughly proofread my paper to correct grammatical errors, arising from punctuations errors and active/passive voice errors. I plan to request another person to proof read my paper. I will also use the writing tools from CWE to help proofread my paper.

I will use sentence variety to break up the monotony in my paragraphs and liven up my text, I will thoroughly proofread my paper to remove all punctuation errors. I will also use all resources in CWE to proofread my paper.

There was some confusion on the proper use of the words affected or effected. I had used the word affected when it really should have been effected, I had some confusion on the proper use of these words fortunately, write point did point out my error.

There were some typographical errors I failed to proofread, I had corrected these errors. Write point has suggested that I use declarative statements, instead of…