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Dionne Morrell
Eng 101

I Want a Husband

Times have changed tremendously since the 1970’s. Women are no longer expected to be housewives. We are now accepted to have jobs and careers. “Using Census figures from 2007, the study found that fewer adults in the 30­to­44 age category are married today, a startling decline from 84 percent in 1970 to 60 percent today. The report focused on the changing role of wives, once seen as homemakers responsible for child­rearing and domestic chores, who are now far better educated and more likely to have careers of their own”(Silverberg). This made me think about the kind of man I would want to marry. I want a husband who’s not stuck in the
I want a husband that can cook, he must help me prepare food for family dinners. My husband should keep the house in order if I’m ever too tired. I want a caring husband. A husband that’ll take care of me when I’m not feeling well, my husband must be willing to miss work just to make sure I’m feeling better. I want a husband that doesn’t need to be told to put the toilet seat down. I want my husband to understand that everything is 50/50 and he’s not alone with the financial responsibilities. A husband who’s family oriented. My husband should plan annual family vacations. I want a brave husband, a husband that’ll protect our family from burglars. My husband must have some mechanic experience so my car will always be available. I want a confident husband, a husband that will never get jealous of my male friends.
I want a romantic husband, a husband that’ll get me “just because” gifts. My husband must be a hard worker because I love expensive gifts. I want a husband that’ll randomly pop up to my


job on my lunch break with my favorite food and roses. A husband that’ll make sure he doesn’t forget important dates, like an anniversary or birthday. I want a husband that’s psychically fit so he can carry me to my bath after a long day at work. My husband shouldn’t mind me babbling on about my horrible day with my boss from hell. He should rub my feet that are aching from walking around in the beautiful heels that he brought me. I want a husband who knows when I’m having a bad day and makes it better.
My husband’s first child must be with me. I want a husband that’s very involved in raising our kids. A husband that makes sure they are well mannered. I want a husband that kills the creepy spider that the kids are afraid of. My husband must make sure there are no “monsters” in their closets, or underneath their beds. I want a husband that’ll make sure a babysitter’s available for our weekly weekend dates. I want a husband that helps the kids with their homework every night. I want a husband that takes our children to amusement parks when their grades are good.
I want a husband that’ll make sure that I am satisfied sexually. He must understand that my beauty rest is also important to me and I may not always be in the mood . I want a husband that will never demand sexual attention. I want a husband that’ll plan a beautiful