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Technology and Crime Analysis

Kimberly Reynolds Unit 6 Assignment CJ216 Prof. Pyle

Technology and Crime Analysis

Today accurate crime analysis is very important. If someone makes a mistake, it could cost
Thousands of dollars to fix, or even the difference of a guilty or innocent verdict. Technology that is used
For accurate crime analysis today can be a number of things, from computer systems, digital finger prints,
Radio control, even data collection and storage.

Computer Hardware is an example of crime analysis, this records and stores information about a
Crime once it is entered into the system that can later be achieved for evidence. This information can be
Digital finger prints, photos of a crime scene, a copy of a report that was taken during the investigation, a
911 call that was placed for the said crime. This can all be kept in the data, or pulled up to read or printed
Out to use in court. There are different methods of collecting and storing and retrieving information for
Crime Analysis. They can be as simple as a desktop computer, records management system (also known
As RMS’S), computer-aided dispatch (CAD) geographic data system is another way. . “CAD also captures
And retains information about all of the 9-1-1 calls and field-generated incidents” (Foster, 2005). These
Methods are all simple to use, and very accurate as long as the information is stored correctly.

The computer-aided system uses graphic display as well as telecommunications to assist other
Agencies such as fire, police and ambulance personnel. All of this can locate officers and the activity that is
Going on where they are placed. All emergency personnel can use this to take shorter routes in order to arrive
At crime scenes faster. A CAD system is set up to transfer calls to the local agency that is needed to handle
Specific calls. This cuts out loss of time, for faster responses.

Record Management is for police records. It can be entered manually or downloaded into the
System directly. Some of the things that can be found on this system are personal information about
Someone such as name, address, criminal history, mug shots, investigation reports on people. Other
Things you may find are the actual investigation reports, arrest and accident records, calls for needed
Services. This information can be put on the system by a certain office but can be seen by many other
Police departments.
Technology and Crime Analysis

Geographic Data System is normally used by county or city agencies. They create and maintain
Specific information regarding streets, buildings, agencies, departments, roads, aerial pictures of towns,
Anything that can be used by different agencies that can be stored and used later when needed. Some
Agencies that may use this is cities for coding, census bureau, highway department if wanting to add
Conjoining roads or streets.

Benefiting from crime analysis for the community is what makes people feel safe at night,
No one wants to go to sleep and wonder if there house is going to be broken into will the officers
On duty take ten minutes or a half hour to arrive on scene. The