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Garrett Berger
2nd Hour

Recently, a lot of people have been saying that RFID is a bad thing. I am here to tell you that they are wrong. Super markets have been putting radio frequency identification into their goods. This act has infuriated a growing group of consumers. All of them complaining that it is an invasion of privacy and that the supermarkets are going to track them. In another similar situation the Mexican law enforcement has been implanting RFIDs into the police officers to combat kidnappings. People complain that these chips might give away cops to the criminals. Both of these arguments are spawned from ignorance and are wrong. There are no problems with the use of RFID; there is also no need to prevent their usage. People are arguing against the use of RFID by saying that the chips can be used to track them, here is why they are wrong. Tesco, a large Supermarket franchise, has a few words to say to the protesters. Tesco said that , “Analysts point out that the technology is years away from being able to function in such a sophisticated way: although it is already starting to be applied to logistics operations, consumer goods are unlikely to be tagged on any scale until 2010.” If the technology simply can’t do what the protesters say that the can how can they even be arguing? Tesco goes on to say that, “the tiny devices, fitted to the cellophane wrappers on products, can be simply thrown away by the consumer after opening.” Even if protesters still find some way to argue they can merely throw the chip away. Even if somehow the RFIDs can track you, you can just throw them away and solve that problem. As for the Mexican cop scandal people are just as wrong to argue. Pam Dixon, head of the San…