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TREBOR Corporation

Training Program Proposal
P.O. Box 48950 Trebor, WI 90349
(662) 453-9045

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Summary Proposal:
Our training program will ensure that your prospective upper middle to top managers’ positions are filled with qualified candidates from within Trebor Corporation. We will assess your current “middle management” to identify those ready for our rigorous training program. Managers in our training program will be taught how to be leaders, good oral speakers, masters of decision making, team builders, organized managers, financial managers, and bring a positive change to the company. Proposed Training:
Our training program will begin by identifying individuals within the company that possess upper management potential. We will do this by administering the following tests in their respective order:
Cognitive Ability Test- This test will measure learning capacity, scholastic aptitude, verbal reasoning ability, comprehension, memory, and reasoning style. It will pose questions designed to estimate applicants’ potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems or to acquire new job knowledge.
Leadership Test- Following five traits will be measured in the leadership test:
1. Organization- An extremely important trait to any individual in a managerial or leadership role as it concerns the structuring of tasks, time keeping, preparedness and attention to detail. These are key abilities to those in a role responsible for instructing or guiding a team.
2. Responsibility- The ability to consider the needs of other employees and incorporate this into decision making along with their own needs, in order to make a fair, balanced work environment and is also an indicator of accountability for one’s own mistakes, as opposed to passing the blame to subordinates.
3. Transformational Leadership- This is the ability to inspire and motivate employees, promoting an atmosphere wherein the leaders and employees aid one another’s development. It is also indicative of mentoring qualities and the capacity in which the candidate is able to provide a role model for those within the company, thus encouraging others to strive to an advanced level of performance.
4. Assertiveness- A pursuit of achieving desired goals, as well as the confident expression of opinions and ideas, which is important for an individual in a leadership role as it promotes clear communication of what is desired of employees, as well as feedback which is vital to individual development.
5. Resourcefulness –This is a fundamental characteristic for those who are in-charge of any number of employees, it is regarded as the ability to maintain calm, collected and to provide solutions for adverse situations effectively and efficiently. Those with low resourcefulness may be more inclined to become overwhelmed when confronting difficulties, possibly resulting in the impairment of other important leadership assets.
Personality Test- This test is designed to systematically elicit information about a person's motivations, preferences, interests, emotional make-up, and style of interacting with people and situations. The following 5 personality traits will be measured:
1. Extraversion
2. Emotional Stability
3. Agreeableness
4. Conscientiousness
5. Openness to Experience.
Factors such as job performance and work related personality traits will be evident in the Personality test.

Any manager who has been with the company for more than 5 or more years can take these tests. Dependent upon their performance, applicants will be eligible to participate in our management training program. A Nomination System will be established that will yield employees with potential recognized by their colleagues. Please visit Appendix A of this proposal for details about the Nomination System.

Our training program will take these qualified applicants and mold