RGIII vs. Andrew Luck Essay

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The spokesman walks slowly up the stairs of the Radio City Music Hall, taking his time as the 2012 NFL Draft is about to begin. Every player, team, fan and owner has been waiting for this day, to be truly part of the National Football League. As he finishes his introduction, the special time has come. The words everyone wants to hear come out of the spokesman's mouth...and the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select quarterback, Andrew Luck in the first round. Andrew Luck, who is one of the biggest names in college football has just been drafted first into the National Football League. The spokesman takes his stand and continues with his second pick.... and the second pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select quarterback, Robert Griffin III. After a losing record of 2-14 for the Colts in the 2011 season, the only thing the team needed that would turn them around was a quarterback. During the end of the season in the year 2010, Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery due to his coming of age, resulting in a poor 2011 Colts season. As the 2012 season came to a start, Luck and the Colts were dominating competitors with outstanding yards per drive, Luck’s passing yards, throwing touchdowns and rushing touchdowns. At the end of the season, Luck had 4,347 passing yards in total. As a rookie, this number is off the charts, almost hitting the same number as veteran quarterbacks such Drew Brees and Tom Brady. In these passing yards, Luck threw 23 touchdowns out of the 4,347 yards, just passing Carson Palmer of the Oakland Raiders. Matt Grecco, writer from the Stampede Blue also agrees that “ Luck, Manning and Brady all played against the same defense in the playoffs... The Colts and Luck played better than both quarterbacks and teams.” This shows Luck’s ability and potential once again as a rookie, dominating veteran NFL quarterbacks and striving for success. The last key point of Andrew Luck’s incredible season was his 255 rushing yards. For a rookie, who is new to the league these numbers are high up on the charts. They show this by how close they came to past Super Bowl winners, Aaron Rodgers and once again Tom Brady. Another small key point of Andrew Luck’s rookie season was him dominating the rushing yards, coming out with five huge solo touchdowns as well. Robert Griffin III was one of those rookie players who didn't even play a game in the NFL and everyone believed he would be a star. The day after he was drafted, jerseys, shirts and other articles of merchandise with his name on it was hitting the shelves of stores around the country. Even my friends and kids in the Wilton area who were not Redskins fans bought the apparel the next day. As the season 2012 season for the ‘Skins came to a start, RGIII and the team were manhandling their opponents and finally winning games again. The end of the season was coming to an end as the ‘Skins were playing the Baltimore Ravens at FedEx Stadium. RGIII was carrying the ball and was hit by a player head on in his knee, resulting in a torn ACL and MCL. RGIII’s season was over, but his statics and teams record said a lot to the…