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Dylan Patman
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ENG 101
14 October 2013 Grippy Tires In this essay I will be analyzing a rhetorical artifact. A rhetorical artifact is a piece of writing that is trying to persuade it’s audience in some way. In my essay, my rhetorical artifact is an advertisement. The name of the advertisement is Yokohama Tyres(tires), they advertise tires by showing an image that draws humor and attraction to get you to like their product. In the Yokohama Tyres advertisement there are many things to describe just in the picture. In the background, there is a dark sky and many dark gray clouds are all over the place. There is an old country road with a few bare trees along side the road, empty corn and bean fields, a barn or farm in the distance, and a woods way in the back. Then in the center, there is an alien ship or saucer, hovering over the only car in the road. It has a stream of light picking up the car, but the tires remain stuck to the road like they are the only thing left. Lastly, “Yokohama: Tyres that grips to the road” is in the bottom right hand corner, advertising and showing in their picture that these are the best tires and you can pretty much go anywhere you want and they will last forever. The main thing to consider when looking at this image is that there are multiple appeals throughout it. It shows place, gender, time, tropes, and humor all in the image. Place is
Patman 2 represented in the ad by showing that the tires can go through anything because they are really the only thing left in the image and are tough, durable, and reliable. Gender is also represented in it just because guys are usually the ones buying the tires. The image shows time by making it look like it’s the end of time and you have to get these tires because they are all your hope. A trope is easily shown by saying “ Tyres that grips to the road,” as in the image everything is gone and alien ship is abducting a car, but these tires are stuck to the road. Which is how humor is also shown throughout the image. The other aspects to consider just in this image are symbols, techniques, association and omission. A symbol that is show in the image is that in the reading, they spell tyres like their brand of tires instead of just tires. The image also gives me a shocking, thrilling, and hopeful feeling the whole time. It makes me feel this way because it’s like the tires re the only thing left like they survived and you can rely on them for anything now and that the tires symbols why you feel this way in the image. The word’s that are written are very short, brief, and clear what they say and mean in this ad. It is also focused on side issues, like nothing matters and not much is left.…