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Dreams Fallen Short Jonathan Vaughters, an ex-professional cyclist narrates a story of how he, as a young and foolish athlete, took the sinful path to dope in sports rather than just working harder. Vaughters purpose is to allude to athletes that they can achieve all their dreams by working hard and being persistent, leaving no need for illegal drugs. He develops a sentimental tone to break through to athletes that doping is wrong while using a narrative arrangement, ethos, and pathos. Jonathan Vaughters narrates a vivid and clear story about his life and how he came to doping. He says, “Into the dark, freezing Colorado morning I rode. For the next 30 miles” (par. 1). He connects and relates to any aspiring athlete that would do anything to train and work to achieve their dreams by telling a true story about his own life.. Then he continues on how he “sped through the neighborhoods of suburban Denver, my mind was anywhere but” (par. 3), once again he connects directly to any athletes that dream about making it in their sport how they would do anything. Vaughters then again creates connections to get close with the reader so they have a common ground by saying “while most my friends were at prom, I was in bed early for a race the next day” (par. 4). Vaughters explains the sickening lies and secrets he had to keep from his family and friends because the choice of doping. He wants to bring out the worst of doping and tell how it made him feel sick and how he hated it so athletes will never try to achieve dreams through them. Narrative arrangement causes readers to be attentive and listen because it’s a real life story, told directly from the source. Jonathan Vaughters appeals to athletes through pathos, to make them never want to dope to get a head of the competition. He tells how erased from his mind were “the bullies at school, the money troubles at home and the sad fact no one wanted to go to homecoming with [him]” (par. 3). Vaughters includes this to make the readers have sympathy to him, to feel how hard his life was, and to see how cycling made him feel like huge burdens were lifted off his shoulders. Then in the following paragraphs, he comments how doping “would keep your dream alive” (par. 6), and the hardest part was to lie, “Lie to your mother, your friends, your fans. Lie to the world” (par. 6). Lastly he says “perhaps I could have lived my dreams without killing my soul. Without cheating.” (par. 12). Vaughters makes people feel bad that he used such a corruptive drug to achieve greatness. This statement creates a fear of trying drugs because afterwards it makes the reader feel like they have killed their own soul. Vaughters uses pathos to awe struck the readers, and creates them to never use harmful drugs in any circumstances. The last device Vaughters