Essay on Rhetoric and Argument

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Academic Argument When writing a paper an argument is usually needed to form a debate for your paper. An argument can be used to make a paper stronger or try to persuade readers to see things from your point of view. Also, an argument or claim must begin with a thesis or claim. When forming a claim or thesis you need to know when it is debatable or un-debatable. Typically, topics that are usually agreed upon are un-debatable. A thesis needs to be to the point but be supported by evidence. To make claims and theses stronger you need to know about your topic and audience. The proper way to address an argument is knowing efficient ways to come out with your argument. “The Toulmin Method of logic is a common and easy to use formula for organizing an argument” (Stolley, Weida). This method has steps to organizing an argument in an effective way. The steps in this method include: a claim, data, warrant, backing, counterclaim, and a rebuttal. When writing a paper you need to make it as professional as possible and show your readers that you know how to write a proper paper. Being in a college class has pushed me to try and better my habits and fix all the mistake I have made. When writing a paper you should also keep in that you should not focus on the opposing side to your argument. When forming an argument you need to make a good claim. When forming an argument be sure to keep logos, pathos, and ethos into perspective. Logos is when writers use inductive and deductive