Rhetoric and Elizabeth Pena English Essay

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Pena 1

Elizabeth Pena
English 103
Professor Clifford
09 April 2015
It’s not too late
My visual assignment regards how serious animal abuse is and what it can possibly turn into if not taken extreme precautions. I attempted to show my audience truth and authority with the fact that in reality research has been done to show that animal abusers don’t stop there, but continue on with vulnerable human beings. I attempted to tell the audience that they can prevent further tragedies to both animal and humans by funding at www.wuffmedammit.com, speak up if they see any abuse being done, and share the knowledge of caring for every living being with children. In my visual argument I chose a basset hound because they naturally have the face of being sad or in pain. On of the basset hounds is really sad and it looks as if he might have tears in his eyes. As you can see he is looking to the side instead of straight to you making it seem like if he is looking at his abuser in shame and can’t cry out for help. The other basset is looking straight at you with his ears stretched out and has the face of “Please hear my cry for help!”. The words “If you’re reading this it’s not too late” are meant to resemble the new album of Drake “If you’re reading this it’s too late”. This is meant to grab the attention of young adults as older people might not understand where the headline is coming from. The headline is meant to resemble blood dripping as to show how well abusers and the abused hide their pain.

Pena 2

Some warrants that I can come into confusion with are we shouldn’t harm animals and people. The attention grabber in this ad is the dogs and the headline. Both are very big and appealing. The balance of color in this ad makes it look very clean and serious. You can see how the black dog looks as if it is alarmed by the shocking information at the bottom of the ad.
Animal abuse leading to human abuse is a serious matter and the dog helps show that. I think this ad is very good in getting the message across.
I attempted to provide logos by first showing visually the two dogs. Both dogs represent different meanings in the argument; the black dog is more concerned of showing his message of hearing his cry out for help by his ears being stretched out. The other dog shows more sadness and shame. It seems as if he is staring at his abuser while the other dog is looking straight at you making you take him seriously. The headline shows the secret pain and