Rhetoric and Exploratory Paper Worksheet

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Exploratory Paper Worksheet
Directions: Complete this worksheet. You may choose articles from Emerging and/or include other sources that deal with the issue: How is technology changing the face of communication domestically and globally? This does not have to be typed, but your answers must be in complete sentences

1. What is the one narrow topic and issue the three articles address that you have chosen from Emerging, or other sources? Issues are framed as a question. To help frame this issue it is wise to begin formulating questions that will help you formulate a thesis statement. A research question is a brief question that directs your efforts to collect, critically read, and evaluate sources. Most research questions begin with: what, why, when, where, how, who, would, should and could. Asking questions help frame the argument. For example, “Should there be stricter copyright laws on the Internet for people posting images and other visuals? All three sources will address the same narrow topic and issue, yet their perspectives will be different. You should not have three different articles that deal with three different topics and issues. All three articles must focus on the same issue and topic. Where they will be different will be their specific examples, their evidence, and their perspective. Write down the articles you plan on exploring, the narrow topic and the issue. The purpose is to summarize each of the writer’s thesis and the reasons to support their thesis and then analyze rhetorical situation by looking how well their perspective