Rhetoric And Methods Of Teaching Using Her Two Kids Experience In High School

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Rhetoric and style:
1. Ethos is applied when she uses her two kids experience in highschool as an example. This lets the reader know she is a mom and probavbly knows what shes talking about. Another case where ethos is applied where prose talks about her favorite readings, she also mentions her thoughts of life after highschool. The reader can see from the titles of the books she mentioned, the type of books that she is reffering to when she says complex. During her essay prose mentions going to several schools to obtain reading lists, this is another form of ethos because it shows that prose is not on a rant , but actually tried to obtain backround info.
2. She wants the reader to know where shes stands on the method of teaching applied the schools . By being strongly emotional ,she only puts herself at risk to a few amount of people who would automatically assume that Prose is on a rant or protest against education. Her tone may be negative but she applies current examples and situations the the opposing view point could agree with. Paragraph 34 has strong emotion because prose is stating what would actually intrest teenagers in reading.
3. She says that if poorly written works are assigned there will be no interest, this may not always be the case because her idea of poorly written may be different from a high school teen. In addition at the teen years, the majority of students are interested in simplified thing it might actually be enjoyable and easier to follow along. She also assumes that we developed a love of reading in high school and as stated previously , I think that depends on the environment and genetics a student has.
4. She uses anecdotal evidence and examples to support her claims. In addition she references books thought her essay that could have been alternatives.
5. Francine Prose assumes that her audience recognizes the different writing that she mentions but not entirely. She assumes her target audience most likely people in education recognize the work, but at the same time for others who may be less familiar or when she uses a less known title, she briefly explains the story. It is important for the audience to know the novels and plays especially when prose suggest certain novels.
6. I agree with her analogy because at least from the examples I read mayas book is full of clich├ęs and revolves around her life story which include dealing with racism. Going back to what prose mentions, how discussions are raised but are limited because the books are not complex, we can see how angelous book would be negatively