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Writer’s Name____Heidi Corrigan____ Reviewer’s Name___Elaina Sand______
Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review Sheet:

1. If you can, identify the author’s thesis:
“Slim Fast attempts to persuade women who want to loose weight to buy Slim Fast protein bars or shakes by using mannequins gaining more confidence, using the words like a chart with a color scheme, and the health factors involved with dieting.”

2. Does the author clearly indicate in the thesis what specific strategies are employed in the ad to sell the product?

The author does clearly state in the thesis specific strategies. She gives vague description of each.

3. Identify a section where supporting details (or more details) are needed. The third paragraph looks like it could be expanded on a bit. I think the information may be relevant to what she is saying, however, what are major health factors instead of just a small portion? That could be expanded on quite a bit and explain that and the effect that it could have on people as a whole in the future.

4. Are you convinced about the author’s assessment of the ad’s rhetorical strategies? Why or why not? Yes and no. I think she gives very good points, however some of it probably could be expanded on more. Such as the third paragraph. It can be expanded on quite a bit.

5. Is the essay structured in a logical fashion, or does the author seem to “jump around” to different sub-topics? The essay does have a good logical fashion and does correlate with the thesis.

6. Does the author use smooth transitions to keep ideas flowing from paragraph to paragraph? If so, give an example of a good transition from the paper. If not, suggest how they can improve this (give at least one example from the paper). The essay is structured properly, and does have smooth transitions. My favorite transition that she uses is paragraph three.