Essay on Rhetoric and Topic Sentence Exemplar

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Avery Dukes, Jenny Powel, and Natalie Kirk

Our Commentary
• 2A: We gave this essay a 7 because its not over the top with is analysis and explanations, but it is well written.
• 2B: We gave this essay a 6 due to its lack of being specific. However, it was accurate and made its point
• 2C: The essay earns a 5 because it addresses the topic, but is under developed.

• 2A: 8 “demonstrates sophistication of thought” and
“builds a convincing case”
• 2B: 6 “analysis is supported with attention only too vague…” and “more simplistic and less convincing”
• 2C: 4 “struggles to control organization and development” and
“partial analysis of that key textual moment”

Thesis Exemplar
• “Through the use of rhetorical questions, repetition, and contrasting imagery, Lawrence effectively demonstrates the woman’s novel concept of desire of understanding the unknown and her underlying pursuit of liberation.”
• This is the best thesis because it is specific and addresses how they affect your understanding of the woman’s concept of desire.

Topic Sentence Exemplar
• “Furthermore, the omniscient narrator uses rhetorical questions to emphasize this yearning quality of the woman’s situation.” 2A
• This topic sentence is the best due to it clearly explaining the purpose of the body paragraph and reflects back on the thesis statement.

Quote Integration Exemplar
• “However, the woman merely “wanted another form of life.”” 2B
• This integration of this