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Margaret Sanger gave her Children’s era speech in Newyork, Newyork on March 30, 1925 to a group at a birth control conference. She began a lifelong research in efforts to birth control. She was excited to share her research with the people. Her speech contains all three rhetoric forms but it mainly deals with logos and pathos. Her speech deals with the results of over population and the lack of options women are faced with such as birth control.

She begins her speech talking about a garden and how much work and affection goes into taking care of a garden. The opening part of her speech about this garden deals with logos because she is talking about how to properly take care of your garden. “You have got to give your seeds a proper soil in which to grow.” It is an analogy going what should have been done and what has been done. Looking at something beautiful is fun but there comes all the responsibilities as well. The logic behind this message is she is opting women a way out of unplanned pregnancies. A way for women to not commit and over fill their plates. Trying to lower the population of children who women are are not ready for motherhood, Margaret takes action at the convention for birth control, where she gave her speech. Margaret then goes on saying there are seven conditions in which would make a mother unfit. The seven she describes are “transmissible disease, temporary disease, subnormal children already in the family, space out between births, twenty-three