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Rhetorical Analysis – ENG1200
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Olivier Guisset

I found this advertising in a French golf magazine; it’s a “Total”, gas company advertising talking about saving energy and keeping the earth wealthy by using wind turbine to make green energy. The image above is a wind turbine or wind, it was photographed from below, it therefore seems very large. A wind turbine transforms the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. The landscape in which the turbine is installed is the sky, a cloudy sky; it seems a little glimpse of sun on the left. The wind turbine is in motion and white. The bottom image shows a dragonfly, taken from the front. It was taken in motion. The color thereof is green, blue, and orange. The landscape in which fleet it is a fairly dark sky, the blue of the sky is a gradient that is pale at the top right and as this gradient is diagonal, it is eventually darken towards the bottom left corner.
The fact that the wind turbine was taken from below, showcases his greatness. The sky is clearer in this part where the image is as hope, as a sort of revival. The color of the wind turbine is white, so it represents purity, or hope and not to pollute. It is in action. The dragonfly is taken from the front and very close since it is actually very small and that further we could not see. Must therefore its size impress us as the wind turbine. It is located in a dark landscape because it is nature, not technology, modernity such as wind. For this setting used is understood that it is less put forward the image of wind. The dragonfly’s wings beats are visible, which shows us that she lives so that is nature too.
This advertising of energy is a comparison between an object representing a technological energy source is a surface energy producer and a living, but also a natural energy that it producer. One is the nature and other future solution for a lot of natural beings. In this ad, two photographs seem dynamic. It makes us understand that we cannot live now that through the nature but the emergence of technological energy producers becomes mandatory. This new technology is needed to produce the energy we need. Wind turbine and dragonfly are quite opposite either by their size or function. To size the difference in scale is enormous. A dragonfly is about 5 centimeters and a wind turbine; its size varies between 27 and 80 meters. This is compared to a gross they were placed side by side. The comparison is always to the advantage of the dragonfly, living graceful, ephemeral, small and lightweight while the wind turbine can be seen as a solid, durable object and disfiguring the landscape especially when it comes to wind turbine farm (that is to say, several wind turbines).
One of the most natural ways forward for the dragonfly is beating wings. For the production of energy is to use the wind. The wind is a natural energy. People try to respect nature. People reproduce the model of nature improvements. Technologies are inspired by nature. Indeed, these two objects have similarities. Their slogan, " To our energy that is inexhaustible," She wants inexhaustible opposition from oil, for example where one day there will be no fuel or oil. As