Rhetorical Analysis Of A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift

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Jonathan Swift presents his argument by stating problems and giving reasonable solutions for them. He makes his argument very strong by including important facts and providing statements that guarantee a satisfactory approach to his audience. He takes his writing step by step, which convinces his audience until they realize he is talking about human beings. Throughout his writing, he is extremely persuasive and uses satire.
2.) Jonathan Swift is presenting that is women are poor and have children, then they should resort to cannibalism and eat their children. Once a women eats their children, they won’t have to spend as much money in life. It shows how desperate Jonathan is to help his country because he is willing to kill human beings in order to have less people in overpopulated areas. He goes into detail on tactics that need to be done to have a better economy overall. He believes that the Ireland government is looked down upon and is introducing a tactic that he believes could improve their economy. The people of Ireland are starving due to the failure in crops being grown. Many people were dying because there wasn’t enough food, so Jonathan is stating that eating the children will provide food for the community. Although, the speaker believes that Swift's tactic will fail and not be put into action. The landowners of Ireland are ignoring the problem and the idea
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I couldn’t believe that a human being would think that it’s okay to kill innocent child to increase the survival of other human beings. I don’t agree with his idea of selling poor children into meat markets to help with unemployment and give their families more money. I believe that there's better ways to solve the starvation of the people of Ireland. Although, he did have a good technique to present his