Rhetorical Analysis Of Disney Cruise Lines

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Secrets of Cruise Line Ads
Sunny beaches, white sand, pristine waters. Smiling, laughing, having fun. Family, friends, yourself. These are all details that vacation companies show their potential customers to get them to choose their product. Several companies use pictures or words to draw the reader’s attention and appeal to their emotions. Whenever a company makes an ad or a commercial, they try to use rhetorical appeals and fallacies. These devices better grab the reader’s attention and better the chances of the person buying their product. Companies everywhere try to make the most appealing commercials and ads and some do the job well while others struggle. The Disney Cruise Line clearly knows how to sell their product as they use all of
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Throughout the booklet there is a variety of examples that the company uses to show their credibility. For example, Disney makes sure to note that they offer rotational dining. They specifically state, “you’ll be welcomed by the nicest people at sea - your Disney cruise waitstaff. Actually, the team will join you every night of your cruise. They’ll get to know your favorites, your kids’ favorites and all the little detail that make for the perfect dining experience,” (Disney Cruise Line 12). One of the many worries that a person has when deciding to go on a vacation is the question if they are going to be properly taken care of on their vacation or if they are going to be tossed to the side. Families also worry whether their children will enjoy the food or give the waiters trouble. Disney, however, puts these worries to rest by showing that they are the superior and credible choice for their family. The fact that every family gets their own waiters to be with them every night of their vacation shows that they are credible in the way that they will learn the needs of your individual family and take care of them accordingly. The company shows their credibility by tailoring meals to family’s specific needs. Another way the the Disney Cruise Line shows that they are credible is through the details they put into each of their cruises. Disney claims “the magic is …show more content…
One of the ways Disney appeals to logic is through the basic knowledge of putting safety first. The Disney Cruise Line states, “we say ‘safety first,’” (Disney Cruise Line 36). It is commonly known information that a family’s main priority on a vacation is safety for their children, so the cruise line appeals to this logic by going into detail on how they are going to protect a family in the state of an emergency and everyday on the ship. In stating this information, a family feels safer on the cruise and thinks more highly of the cruise as it has logical priorities. The Disney Cruise Line also appeals to logos by giving information on how to plan the cruise. The booklet offers pages on how to plan a cruise in easy steps and even answers common questions (Disney Cruise Line 34). Since not every person knows how to plan a cruise, Disney is appealing to logos by giving them the needed information on how to plan a cruise. A person reading this would be more satisfied and likely to go on this type of vacation because the company seems eager and willing to help the customer through the basic processes of planning a vacation. Another way the cruise line appeals to logic is by giving specific details about each cruise. For every vacation Disney Cruise Line offers, they give extensive details about the cruises in