Rhetorical Analysis Of Harlem Freedom Rally Of 1960

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Complete equality is something that will never happen. Though we can get close. Little by little we can change the world. Dr.King was a very strong believer in integration and has a hopeful outlook for the Civil Rights Movement. Which is best shown in his speech “I have a dream”. Dr.King grew up in a loving home. While, his father and grandfather are in the ministry. Consequently, he thinks that segregation is against his religion. Although, Malcolm X’s message is that they need money and land to be equal. Meanwhile, the tone is demanding. And it is very apparent in the speech “Harlem Freedom Rally of 1960.” His childhood was very unstable. He had to move several times. And once his house was burned down. Furthermore, his father was killed …show more content…
as it is easily seen in the speech “Harlem Freedom Rally of 1960.” And I will show you by discussing his tone ,message, and sentence structure.He believed that segregation insert equation. Contrarily civil disobedience will do nothing. Malcolm's message is expressed best when he declares “Why do we want some land of our own? Because land is essential to freedom. How else can 20 million black people who now constitute a nation in our own right, a NATION WITHIN A NATION, expect to survive forever”(X 1). His message is very clear now as he think integration can not and will not work; whereas, segregation will. Being the complete opposite MLK's message. Malcolm X had a very demanding tone to help get his point across, that having their own nation is the only way. his tone is very apparent in the statement “WE MUST HAVE SOME LAND OF OUR OWN!”(X 1). Anyone yelling is a great example of someone demanding something. Malcolm used a short sentence structure so many ideas as fast as humanly possible. As Malcolm says sentence after sentence he exclaims “We, the Muslims, are for brotherhood, but not for integration! What is the difference? Brotherhood is based on love, which automatically produces voluntary acts of sincere benevolence. But integration produces hypocrisy, It forces the white man to pose as a “liberal,” to be pretensive and false. Thus, “benevolent” acts which are “forced by integration laws” are producing white hypocrites, and reducing chances of creating a “mutual working agreement” between the two races.”(X 1). In that paragraph he said sentence after sentence giving a very demanding tone. Malcolm X was someone who thought nothing good could ever come from