Rhetorical Analysis Of Junkyard Planet

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Many people believe recycling is the number one solution to help reduce the amount of garbage us human produce. Minter, a passionate author who wrote the book Junkyard Planet unfolds the reality of recycling, he impacts readers by using different strategies to construct his rhetorical analysis. In Chapter 15 of Junkyard Planet, Minter informs readers of the importance behind reduce, reuse, and recycling. He also discusses how he is guilty of consumption and the effects it holds on the environment. Overall, Minter causes the readers to realize how recycling is not the overall solution this leads the reader to obtain a different mindset.
Minters word choice invites readers to see that there is still hope in becoming sustainable. In his book it states, “Hopefully, this book gives you the information necessary to make the right choice for you, the environment, and the hundreds of millions of people who work in the global recycling industries” (Minter 260). He lets the readers know that they have the choice to be sustainable ot not without demanding the reader to do certain actions. Therefore, readers will feel empowered to have
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In the book Junkyard Planet it states, “When I speak to groups about recycling, the first question is usually: What can we do to improve our recycling rates?” (Minter 254). When he discusses how common some rhetorical questions are while doing his research he does this to show readers what people are interested in when trying to help the environment. However, these questions aren’t quite the questions Minter looks forward to. This shows how people believe increasing recycling rates will help the environment but that is not the case. People should ask questions like “how can they reduce less.” This part of his research is powerful because it shows how people are not well informed about the damage recycling causes to the