Rhetorical Analysis Of Oprah Winfrey's Speech

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At the 75th annual Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey shouted “a new day is on the horizon” when she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award for making outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. Winfrey is an incredible television producer, actress, and talk show host and above all else she is a continuous inspiration for all. She delivered an exceptional speech to an audience was hungry for her powerful words. In her speech, Winfrey tackled issues that had arisen around the time of the award show and prior to that. Whether she was talking about gender equality, the need for a free press, or abuse and assault by the wealthy people of power, Winfrey brought both men and women to their feet. Oprah Winfrey uses imagery, repetition and historical references to make valid points for her argument in her moving speech. …show more content…
She provided a personal anecdote to when she was watching the 36th Academy Awards and the Oscar was presented to Sidney Poitier for best actor for his portrayed in Lilies of the Field. That moment had an impact on Winfrey not only because she had liked the movie, but the actor portrayed had a different skin color than the normal skin color of past winners. It was the first time a man of color had won an Oscar as she was watching in awe from the “cheap seats” of her mother’s house (Winfrey 1).
Then she went on and explained for the fundamental need for a free press by using repetition in her speech as a way to show how the press really controls how the news get out because they are the main source of information. She uses “truth” in her speech on multiple occasion to show how the press doesn’t censor any corruption or injustice going on so that the people will be more aware. She clearly states this to show how having a free speech is a necessary tool that we could use through difficult and almost near impossible