Rhetorical Analysis Of Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

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When reading “sinners in the hands of an angry god” by Jonethan Edwards his focus is on the “poor sinner”. Jonethan repeatedly suggested in a forceful manner than you should give your life to christ and you should confess your sins and convert so you won’t be spending the remaining eternity of you life in the fiery pits of your own personal hell. He uses pathos,ethos and logos throughout his story to make ‘your’ decision to convert a little easier. Here are just a few ways he made his story have a strong impact
The author, Jonethan Edwards uses a bow and arrow as a metaphor to show he's killing or planning to kill or send you to hell. His Audience is mostly if not completely directed towards the people who have not given there lives and confessed their sins to god. Jonethan uses
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Also when he states “the bow of god wrath is bent” nothing is actually bending. It just simply means his wrath is ready to be fired.
When Jonethan used “...being made drunk with your blood.” his main goal was to scare the living life out of you some may say he has that accomplished. By using the descriptive word
“drunk” doesnt mean the arrow has a bottle of you blood and is getting drunk but it gives you a mental picture he’s explain that it is not a little drop of blood u get from a cut or a scrap that you will heal fast from, no.
Audience again is to sinners the people who have not given there to god yet. His appeal was using pathos again to scare you into converting and confessing telling you that's it is better in every way if you give your life to god and says if you don't all these horrible things are going to happen to you.
Jonethan talks about “christ has thrown open the doors of mercy wide