Rhetorical Analysis Of Smoking

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Smoking is an ongoing issue in the United States of America. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, according to the online Centers for Disease and Control Prevention fact sheet. The only way we can prevent further spread of this epidemic is to educate those we are not smokers and those who are. One way we can reach to the audiences is to put out advertisements that are going to get a reaction out of the viewers. The picture I’ve selected is a woman who is smoking and the smoke looks to be like that it is forming a noose around her neck. This image was designed to impact those viewing it, as well as drawing a response out of their audience. The intended audience for this piece is both smokers and non-smokers. It is meant to affect both sides the same; to obtain them from smoking or get them to reevaluate their decisions. The image from the non-smokers point of view, it is to prevent them from picking up a cigarette and remind them if the negative …show more content…
The advertisement while simple puts out a deeper message using logic. You can see that the smoke that forms the noose around her neck comes from her own cigarette. The creator of this advertisement is trying to get the audience to connect smoking to suicide. They’re indicating to the audience her own bad habit is pushing toward her own death. It is also showing that she is able to control this habit she has acquired. But choosing to continuing smoking she is going to lead herself to her own death. The words at the bottom are clear and straightforward, “Kill a Cigarette and Save a Life. Yours.”, this simple yet powerful statement is saying that they are in control of their decisions and how they are going to affect their lives. By choosing to continue something it's going to be the equivalent to killing oneself. Notice how it does not say die, it appeals to the audience that there still is hope for those people to save their own