Rhetorical Analysis Of Superman And Me

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Superman and Me The story “Superman and Me” is about how the author, Sherman Alexie, learned to read and how reading can affect a person’s way of thinking. How it can make one feel about a certain race or gender. He also talks about how a certain race or gender is expected to behave when it comes to educational things such as learning, speaking and reading. He uses examples of pathos and logos during the course of the story. He uses pathos to appeal to the emotions of the readers and then uses Logos to confirm the claim he made. Many times, he would use repetition and use the same word many times. What this does is that it created a kind of tone in which the reader feels the kind of struggle he went through in order to be able to read well. …show more content…
One quote that supports this is “but i remember the exact moment when i first understood with sudden clarity”. The purpose of this is to appeal to the many people who have trouble reading in their childhood or know how it feels to not be able to read at all.This again is an example of sentence length because he stretches the sentence “but i remember the moment when i understood with clarity” into a long but expressed sentence. This specific pathos example though, not only appeals to the people who can’t read, but also the ones who teach others how to read, namely teachers. Another pathos example is “This knowledge delighted me. I began to think of everything in terms of paragraph”. This quote explains how knowledge can express a person’s compassion for learning and how he may use it in real life. This is also a metaphor which can get the reader to think of how a paragraph and life relate.A quote to final my argument is the quote “Now using this logic, I can see my changed family as an essay of seven paragraphs: mother,father, older brother, the deceased sister, my younger twin sister and our adopted little brother”. This, being the last sentence in that paragraph alone, makes it more remarkable and memorable to people who want to keep reading. This is a technique known as juxtaposition when he compares