'Rhetorical Analysis Of Victoria Secret's Angels'

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Again, beauty is not in only one of these categories, it is in all of them. However, Victoria Secret states otherwise within their marketing campaigns and famous lingerie show. Victoria Secret obscures the image of beauty by keeping their models the same height, and approximately the same weight. The consistent tall and thin models Victoria Secret casts for their fashion shows alters the way society views beauty. Especially amongst young women, Victoria Secret’s defining elements of beauty become linked to the image affiliated with only what a Victoria Secret Model looks like. This visual rhetoric portrayed by the Victoria Secret “Angels” is one obsessed with what the Victoria Secret brand considers to be beautiful; with thin, flawless, models …show more content…
Bradford’s explanation of the rhetorically constructed image used to describe Ronald Reagan in order to analyze, Victoria Secret as the rhetor, and how they use rhetoric to construct an image (p.149). M.E. Bradford explained that Ronald Reagan had such a high approval rating although not many liked him as a president. Bradford explained that this was the case because Ronald Reagan created a persona that would be likeable to the American people regardless of how well he did as a president. Also within the rhetor section I applied Wayne Booth’s “persona” which is defined as the character, role, identity, authority, and image a rhetor constructs and performs during any given rhetorical act (p. 150) Then, I incorporated B.L. Ware and Wil A. Linkugel’s description of prototypes and archetypes that are represented before a rhetorical act is completed. These archetypes come with characteristics that are widely known throughout society based on generalized stereotypes. Lastly from the rhetor section, I applied the authority of power to my paper. Specifically the section Erving Goffman stated, “even though personae are performances, people are not free to play any role they wish (p.165). This authority of power has to do with the boundaries that are set up by people to ensure some voices are heard and portrayed over