Rhetorical Analysis Of W. E. B Dubois Speech

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Sabeena Jagdeo
W.E.B. Dubois - Strong and Confident
W.E.B Dubois was a strong advocate for the African Americans because of his highly persuasive writing style. In his speech he continually listed all the reasons why African Americans should be apart of society, and left no reason for why they should be seen as inferior to the white Americans. He made strong arguments throughout his entire speech, demonstrating that African Americans will stand up for their rights, and will no longer back down.
Throughout his speech Dubois list the African American demands, speaking directly for them, and making it clear that they are ready to fight for their rights. Stating ideas like “we want discrimination in public accommodation to cease” and “we want the Constitution of the country to be enforced”. He continually uses a persuasive writing style, which consist of demands rather than asking for the whites permission. Dubois makes himself seem like he is equal to the whites in his writing style, when in reality African Americans were discriminated against daily. He puts forth a confident, and demanding front in his writing, which makes him a strong defender for African Americans.
In addition to his confident demands, Dubois also used appealing words to gain trust with the whites so that, they would be more inclined to accept his
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He made his demands in long lists creating no reason for why they should not be accepted, and took control of the situation instead of allowing the whites to over power his ideas. He also appealed to their interest as Americans, by persuading them to think that allowing African Americans to be apart of the society would continue the American tradition set from the beginning of their history. Overall he was the strongest because of his confident writing style making him equal, and trustworthy to the white Americans in