Rhetorical Analysis: The Oval Office

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The Oval Office is buzzing with excitement as today is Inauguration Day. President-elect Charles William Alexander Fitzgerald IV also known Chuck, is sitting at his desk, and his assistant Max Bailey is sitting in a chair to the left of the President’s desk. There is also a chair in front of the desk, facing it. Both Max and Chuck are facing a television camera, and Chuck is ready to give his inauguration speech. A crowd consisting of the cameraman and two secret service agents stand directly behind the camera. The cameraman gives the thumbs up and Chuck starts to talk. There is a door stage right.

Chuck: Today, January 20, 2024, marks a great day in history. Today, for the first time ever in American politics, a kid is being elected into
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After they sit down Chuck points to the door and they exit.]

Max Bailey: I know that I am not supposed to have an opinion in this situation, as I am simply your assistant, but I feel like it is my duty as the elder in this situation to tell that what you are doing is extremely stupid and ignorant. By refusing to even consider that ideas presented by the Defense Minister and the Vice President, who have much more experience in the the world of politics, you are jeopardizing your role as a President and most importantly the safety of the American people. You need to decide what you are going to do and decide quickly, as every minute is precious time wasted and the time until the promised nuclear attack is becoming sooner and sooner as the clock ticks on. I will be outside with the Defense Minister and the Diplomat to North Korea waiting for you to make a decision. I would advise that you make the decision sooner rather than