Rhetorical Analysis on Heidi Klum’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial Essay example

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The Carl’s Jr. “Jim Beam Bourbon Burger” featuring the beautiful Heidi Klum, is one of the company’s top ten commercials. It begins with the model dressed as a parody of Mrs.Robinson's from the movie “The Graduate”. She continues the commercial by asking a young man name Benjamin, located across the room if he likes bourbon burgers; then takes a big sexual yet nice bite of the burger in her hand. Walking across the room she stops the young man from leaving while shoving the burger into his mouth to bite. He then notices and confronts Ms. Klum of trying to seduce him as she gently touches on her body. The narrator for the commercial then says, “ With a taste of bourbon, it’ll make a man out of you.” Carl’s Jr. commercials like this one …show more content…
Usually logos uses statistics and factual evidence to help support their claim but the commercial didn't use much of it. This commercial was written with the intention of persuading men that they need this burger because not only is a hot super model eating it but if you eat it, hot women like Heidi will be attracted to you because only eating a bourbon burger makes you a man. But if you look closely in fine print at the bottom it says “ Not guaranteed to make a man of you”. But of course the fine print is only put up for a quick second and placed under Heidi as she is licking barbeque sauce off of her finger sexually. Purposely doing so to distracted you from the fine print. Throughout my analysis I continuously acknowledge how sexual the commercial appears to be. This commercial uses logic to sale not only food but sex as well. From the dress she’s wearing to the her small actions like lifting her leg up all show signs of sexual appeal. Carl’s Jr. is notoriously known for their commercials as they continuously use the sex sales technique in every commercial. Luckily for them this technique seems to work although, I’m not sure how a woman showing no clothes and making sexual gestures can make a man get up from his couch and buy a burger.
This commercial along with every other Carl’s Jr. ad made within the last twenty years does the exact thing that it was intended to do.The producers of the commercials knows its target audience and