Rhetorical Analysis on article "Why Our Campuses Are Safer Without Concealed Handguns" Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis Paper In the essay we read, entitled “Why Our Campuses Are Safer Without Concealed Handguns”, we see the author use five main points, as well as using appeals to Ethos Logos and Pathos to help reinforce his view on the topic. The five main reasons that the author feels that college campuses are safer without concealed handguns are introduced to us in the opening of the article, listed as bullet points. The author then goes on to break the article into these separate sections to allow him to go more in depth and explain his position. In this way, he appeals to the reader’s sense of Ethos throughout the entire article by convincing us that he knows what he is taking about. However, the author does not stop here. The …show more content…
In addition to this theory, the author writes that with more people running around with guns, police would have a much more difficult time figuring out who was the actual threat, and eliminating it. In this article, the author is against having students be allowed to carry concealed firearms. I do not think that this is a good position to take in this situation. I feel that responsible gun owners, who have passed proper safety courses, and who meet all of the requirements needed to obtain both firearm and license, should be able to carry their firearm where they feel it is warranted. The author states that concealed handguns would distract from a healthy learning environment. However, I do not think that this would be the case. I think that despite the presence of a gun on campus or in class, things would go about as usual. I do not feel as though people would be threatened into not speaking their mind, and I definitely do not think that the possession of a firearm or any possible “weapon” automatically makes an individual more violent. I have known many people who carry knives with them any time it is appropriate, and they do not strike fear into everyone in the room. They don’t stab people just because they are in a position where