Rhetorical Devices In Trudell

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Trudell Rhetorical Analysis Essay: The Fight for Respect
In the film, Trudell, directed by Heather Rae enlightened the path of an Indian activist presenting his views through raw emotion and prevailing opinions. Heather Rae appeals to ethics incorporating references and Trudell’s extensive background, while integrating respectable musicians and speakers and the desecration of the American Flag for logical appeal. Heather Rae’s purpose is to illuminate John Trudell and his message for America through an assertive and determined tone. To accomplish this purpose, Heather appeals mainly to emotion by using Trudell’s childhood and placement inside our American Culture in a forceful yet poetic way that is communicated to others as fervent and genuine. The issues Heather exposes is his strong, unfiltered Indian sensibility and situation as both an outsider and insider in American Culture. In the film, Heather addresses ethics and the war against natives through counter claim and refutation. Ultimately, the argument Heather Rae makes is effective because it is relatable and discourses the lack of civilization in the U.S. government
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Trudell is respectable because of his experienced background in the military and music. At the age of 17, John dropped out of high school and served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. Six months after the death of Trudell’s family, became interested in writing poems. Trudell believes this was a gift from his wife, Tina Manning Trudell, to help him recover and find his way. In 1979, Trudell became inspired by Jackson Browne to record songs and an opportunity came for John Trudell to record a cassette tape of songs, and incorporated his poems with tribal songs. In fall of 1982 Trudell wrote a book of poems called, Living in Reality, Songs called Poems. Trudell states, “they are poems, but in reality, they are lines given to him to hang on