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Pathos Rhetorical Essay

Have you ever heard the phrase “ Breakfast in Bed”? Considering many people cannot cook these days, there may be mixed feelings. For me, it brings back good memories inside of my heads already. You know that feeling of waking up in the morning from a good nights sleep, the sun is shining, and a beautiful woman walks in the room and servers you a delicious breakfast. I mean this is not your normal everyday breakfast. This is like the deluxe platter from your favorite restaurant rather than a breakfast off the value menu. Then to top it off add a little bit of salt and tobacco. It puts a smile on my face every time when I think of that good ole vintage add. The only thing is what my definition of a great breakfast in bed may not be your definition of what a great breakfast may consist of. For example, since the ad I am referring to is a tobacco add, I think that may have just caused a few people to start choking. Either because it is a tobacco ad, or because you are choking on the saliva built up in your mouth think about your favorite breakfast. Either way just look at the image will definitely put an expression on your face. Just looking at this particular add, It just makes me feel great inside, I mean that is the ideal image of when you grow up in United States should be like. I mean do not get me wrong I am not a smoker myself, but that is what most of the cool people do. You know who I am talking about the cool crowd that everyone admires or wants to be apart of. Wouldn’t you like to feel cool , I know I would. Even if being cool is not for you, what about hardworking and earing everything you earn. As in if I glance back at the add the ad the man and the woman are both dressed in business attire. So it is not like this ad can be that far from your everyday ordinary individuals.…