Rhetorical Similarities Between Lincoln And Emily Dickinson

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Rhetoric Essay 1

President Abraham Lincoln wrote and gave a very influential Inauguration speech after being elected for his second term as the President of the United States. Lincoln delivered this prolific speech at the end of the Civil War, when the country was about to experience the aftermath of the American Civil War. Emily Dickenson wrote a poem called “Success Is Counted Sweetest”, which is about how a person who doesn’t have everything, acknowledges the interpretation of the word success better than a person who is already experiencing success. I believe that Lincoln’s speech and Emily Dickenson’s poem belong in the same literary category because the speech and poem both use rhetorical discourse that help to represent their claims to help the people that they are delivering these literary works to. I believe that Lincoln’s Inauguration speech is considered
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Lincoln was trying to get both groups to remember how the American Civil War and slavery were connected as the justifications for rebuilding domestic cooperation. Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Success is Counted Sweetest”, is a poem about how we as people can actually do well in life after going through a catastrophe. The poem used many rhetorical discourse categories. One of the categories that were used in the poem was Adapted to an Audience. An example of this rhetorical discourse category being used throughout the poem is Emily used some examples of war throughout her poem in order to bring together her ideas on success and failure. Dickinson wrote this poem and included some ideas about war in her poem in order to adapt to her audience, who were going through a war at the time and could relate to the triumph and nonfulfillment theme used in the poem. Emily emphasizes in her poem that people of great prosperity who didn’t have to put in great service to get to their high position, will