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The Rhetorical Situation on "The Civil Rights Era: African American odyssey" "The Civil Rights Era" text is informative and online text. The African Americans and white allies still proceeded to have the equal right in American life. As achieving the opportunity of equal rights as every American should have. While there is more to achieve, like equal employment, education, and in many fields. That's why their where marches, protests, and boycotts to fight for their rights. If the African Americans accomplish their battle of discrimination no matter what their is always going to be racial differences. For example, someone will always criticize you the way you speak, your color, and your ethnicity. If this was a world without racial people this world would of been a lot easier for everybody or a lot less problems in everywhere. I don't know who exactly is the author of this article. This article was when civil war was going on because they were fighting for full equality. Whoever wrote this article, they were trying to inform the people how back then life was and how they fought to achieve their dream. The African American had a positive attitude and never gave up for their accomplishment. The argument was that the African American where fighting for their rights which others did not want that privilege to be handle to them. This problem needed to be solve because otherwise it would of gotten more worst. My assignment is to write a rhetorical essay about a