Rhetorical Techniques In Stephen King's On Writing

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In the memoir of Stephen King titled “On Writing,” he shares a snippet of a personal story from his youth that has a significant effect on his journey as a writer. The story Kings tells is one that serves as inspiration and influence for the creations in his future writing career. The piece demonstrates how a single person or event has the capability to leave a long lasting impact on one’s life. King is able to successfully convey this impact through his rhetorical strategies. Kings strategies of reflection and the analyzation of a process brings meaning to his works because of the sincerity and deeper meaning behind it. Both strategies come together to create a final product that serves as a lucrative model for potential writers. King starts of his piece by sharing a distinct memory from his high school years. The specific memory is the time in which the school’s guidance counselor encourages …show more content…
This strategy is effective in emphasizing the power of a minor action such as marking up a paper in black pen as Gould does. King includes an example of how the marks look and soon follow with how much value it holds (495). There is then insinuation that before King meets Gould all his other teachers fail to honestly tell him what exactly is wrong and how to improve, but to instead only administer a grade. King then goes on to describe this examination as “like the Visible Man Old Raw Diehl” (495). Here, King compares the invisible man to himself and acts as if Gould can see right through him. Not only is Gould giving King’s work a chance, but giving King some actual faith as well. This faith is what King needs in order to break through the rebellious outer shell he claims himself to be. Though the actual process of marking Kings paper was very simple and to the point, it gives King the feedback and realization he needs in order to develop himself as a