Rhinoceros Success Essay

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Rhinoceros Success

“Am I Rhinoceros or a cow?”

“Rhinoceroses charge with singleness of purpose. All of your energies are directed towards the attainment of your one burning desire”
In this instance I would I would say I was a rhinoceros. I always put 100% into the things I take part in, whether it is education or sports and hobbies. I feel there is no point taking part in an activity without the sole intention of doing it well and succeeding.

“Not even rhinoceroses get to the top of the hill without slipping a few times.”
This says to me that being audacious and forceful, the way you have to be to get rhinoceros success doesn’t always go smoothly, but keep at it. I think this represents my viewpoint on getting what you set your sights on. Even if things don’t go your way the first time round you have to persevere. And even if you are the greatest animal in the jungle, things don’t always go as planned so don’t let setbacks get you down and distract you from the real prize.

“Cows in the country provide a scenic view on our Sunday drives in the Rolls Royce”
From this quote it seems to me that it is not a bad idea to be a cow and that there is nothing wrong with doing so but the advantages of not being one is so great it would be stupid not to be a rhinoceros. Also it shows that without the ‘cows’ of this world it would be harder to define those more driven and ambitious of us. Therefore again I would be siding on the side of the Rhinos.

“Rhinos are happy travelling to new jungles and meeting other wild animals. Cows are happy watching TV. Rhinos are happy charging at their goals. Cows are happy to lay in the sun all day chewing their cud.”
I love travelling to new places, seeing new things, meeting new people and altogether broadening my horizons. Being in the same surroundings with the same tedious routine is very uninspiring and I much prefer new challenges to ‘charge’ at.

“Cows remain cows because they have no discipline. They have no control over all the bad habits which make them a cow.”
With this quote I would love to say I was a Rhino and that I was far from being a cow, but the truth is it isn’t entirely black and white. I am fairly disciplined in a