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Beginning of Time
● Origins of jazz music are found in theh rhythms and movements in the history brought by african slaves from africa
● The style of african dance is earthy which consisted of low bent kneew, pulsating body movements, body insolations, and hand clapping.
● The rhythms and movements of african dance were foot stomping, hand clapping, tapping, and rhythmic voices.
Menstrual Shows
● It shows white enterainers making fun of slave lives, black dance, black music, etc.
● After the Slave Act was establish, menstrula shows began to happpen because
African Americans were not there to do it because they migrated to Europe
● Slavery was abolished in 1865
● By all that was going on, many blacks moved to europe where jazz music and dance came to light.
● Fox Strot, over 100 new dances emerged and disapeared.
● This was the birth of new brass band instruments.
● Ragtime Era
● Josephie Baker was the first black superstar who created the Banana Dance.
● Bill Bojangles Robinson was a famous Tap Dancer
● Ended of World War 1 and people were looking for dance to become happy again.
● Duke Ellintion and Lewie Armstrong
● Judie Garlin, Fred Astair, Jean Kelly, and Ginger Rogers
● Booige Woogy, Jitter Bug, The Swing
● At this time, all social Jazz dance was starting to die and become a professional trained dance.
● Early jazz dance was by amateurs and modern jazz dance was by professional trained dancers. ● Jean Kelly, Shirley Temple, Bill Bojangles, Katherine Dunnen, Pearl Krimis, and Fred
● Katherine and Pearl were the mothers of jazz dance
● Singing in the Rain
● Debby Renolds
● Jean Kelly
● Elvis Presley introuduced the rock and roll
● Jazz Dance that was presented on stage by Alvin Aliey with blacks
● Little Richard "Tuti Fruitie"
● Dances = Mash Potato, Madison,etc.

● Twist by Elvis Presley
● Mowtown was popular amongst teens
● The Beattles was popular