Ribbon Of Faith

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Ribbon of Faith
We plan to create a group for people that just need someone to help them out, and we will possibly do this anonymously, because most don’t want to tell their problems, because of how people will look at them for what flaws they speak of to try and get help. We also want to make posters that could make someone smile when they walk by it in the halls if they are thinking lowly of themselves. We aren’t professional therapist, but we have heard and seen so many things happen when someone doesn’t get help or answers for their problems. About being anonymous as we do this is when we ask questions they will either share out if they wish or write it down on a piece of paper, and we will not have them put names, and put it in the bucket in private so it stays with them. We will try our best with answering or giving the opinion of the subject on the note, and answer it for the person and everyone around us so they can understand, and they all can give ways of helping as we all talk about the note, and that is how it would go on. Now, you probably want to know about why it would be anonymous asking: It is just that we like to have our question answered without being judged by others. This is possible with the way we have things set up. We will have a bucket in a separate room/closet/space so they can put their notes in it. I have gone onto a site called: http://www.beatbullying.org/ to find out if this is good, and more than half agreed that it would be very