Riboflawfin: A Short Story

Words: 944
Pages: 4

On a planet far far away that goes by the name of Riboflawfin. Where the grass is blue and the sky is green. In this planet humans are not real and animals talk. Pigs fly and birds don't. This land has everything from volcanoes to royal canyons. Planet Riboflawfin is in the galaxy of the Juicy Wrong Way. Once upon a time, there was 3 big, brown, and fluffy Donkey Kong's named Harry, Jerry, and Frank that loved to play with their mom. Harry was the stupid one that was not smart. Jerry was the smart one that was not athletic. But Frank was the strong, smart, and favorite one. “Okay guys I think the time has come,” the mother donkey kong told her kids. “For what mamma?” the three big donkey kong's asked. “Well there comes a time in someone's life when you …show more content…
Harry found a spot on top of a big hill to build his shelter. But he wondered “where am I going to get supplies to build a shelter.” In the meantime there was a gigantic, green, and harry godzilla that loved to get revenge and kick, punch, and stomp on stuff. He was at his grandmother's funeral. She just recently died and nobody knows how she died. Godzilla thinks she was murdered by a donkey kong. So after the funeral he decides to go look for the donkey kong that he thinks killed his grandmother. But while he was looking, Jerry found supplies to build his shelter. He found steel for the low price of $100 a square foot. So he starts building his house while Harry finally finds something to build his shelter with. He found aluminum for a price of labor for 3 liptons for a pig that wants to build a school. But while he's building his shelter godzilla is getting closer and closer. While he’s doing that Frank found some titanium to build his shelter with. So he starts building his shelter. But now godzilla is almost there. Finally Harry is done with his shelter so he decides to lay down to take a nap. All of a sudden Harry hears a big, loud bang bang bang. “Who might that be?” Harry