Ricardo Transformation Essay

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The Transformation of Ricardo In the movie The Mission there was a conflict between the native’s and the towns people. The town’s people were the main reason of the battles between the both of them. The reason the towns people stirred things up with them is because they were looking to build their community needing slaves and other missing pieces that could be filled in. The man that was responsible for the horrible kidnappings was a man named Ricardo. He was a grimy mean human being that was controlled by power and money. From the looks of the movie it seemed to me that there was one that that had particular meaning to him and that was a girl who was in love with his brother. When she told him that she didn’t have the same feeling for him you could tell something made bad to worse. Ricardo ended up getting in a conflict with his brother sparring his brother’s life leaving is lost love and his own blood behind. At this point Ricardo is head deep in trouble and feels as if seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is impossible. He begins to realize the severity of what he did and the violent actions he took from reacting to the moment. All of this negativity changed when the Jesuit priest that was helping the natives came into town to talk to Ricardo. He told Ricardo that there is no point in giving up but instead work harder to make up for his actions by giving penance. Ricardo agreed being very serious with this mission and hope to be free again from his sins. He started off by carrying his brother military armor up the falls to where Ricardo would previously kidnap natives for slaves. On the journey up the hill Ricardo struggle obviously struggled very much with the difficulty of carrying the equipment up the falls. He might’ve been beat up but he never gave up once; he just kept on climbing burning off the stress filled mind that clouded his head.
When the top of the falls finally came…