Richard And Mildred Loving: A Narrative Analysis

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For this project, we had to depict someone or something that took a stand. I chose Richard and Mildred Loving as my topic because they really inspired me and they portrayed important issues in society. One of these is equality because even today we are still having trouble treating everyone equally. Also, the Lovings were normal people who fought for something that they believed deeply in. This inspires me to see what I can do to change the world. To begin my research, I visited the Cleveland Public Library and found some books there. I read these books and took notes on them which began my knowledge on the topic. I then found some amazing footage of the Lovings, this helped me develop the story and decide what parts of the story are important …show more content…
Also, a documentary was something new and I was excited to learn how the software works. I love working with technology and learning how new things work, so this was a great experience. To create my project, first I organized all of my information and decided which parts were the most important and what I wanted to include. I then wrote a script with all of the necessary information that would become the basis of my project. Finally, I recorded the script and found the photos and videos that I wanted to use to demonstrate my point. This part of the process was the hardest but without a doubt the most fun. My topic relates to the theme, Taking a Stand because the Lovings took a stand against the law and the government for their love and their rights to freedom of marriage. A lot of people, including the state government and a judge who found them guilty of crimes, were against them. They were just two normal people but they had a lot of determination and bravery and fought for fairness. I think that it is important that people remember the Lovings for they are a great reminder of how anyone can take a stand for something they believe in