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Judging by Appearance
You cannot judge a book by its cover. In the poem Richard Cory written by Edwin Arlington Robinson in 1897 a handsome, wealthy, admired man walks down the street being stared at by everyone. When he speaks women’s heart begin to beat a little faster. Richard Cory was the talk of the town “He was a gentleman from sole to crown, Clean favored, and imperially slim” (3-4). Yet the core of his reality was unprecedented. By the end of the poem Richard Cory “Went home and put a bullet through his head.” (16). after reading this poem it reminded me of becoming an outcast my freshmen year of high school. Moreover, at the end of 9th grade I thought my bubbly personality had become irretrievable due to my new stoic individuality. As a consequence, all I wanted to do was put a bullet through my head. Although others thought I appeared socially captivated, in fact, I was just another depressed high school student. For example, in 9th grade loneness became more than just an emotion I was mocked, I was used, and I was overweight. Therefore, disparity had conquered my life.
Freshmen year of high school was rough. All of my friends went to different high schools; leaving me to start over and find new friends. Moreover, when I walked into my first class wearing a pastel pink BCBG dress, a white denim jean jacket, and white COACH sandals almost everyone stared at me (at least that is what it felt like). I was flattered in way until I began to walk down the aisle when a boy coughed “Oreo” and everyone began to laugh than another boy coughed “white washed”. At that moment I knew it would be hard to find any friends. “Whenever Richard Cory went down town,
We people on the pavement looked at him” (1-2) In contrast I knew how Richard Cory felt just walking down the street knowing that everyone looking at him did not his real world.
Moreover, coming from a family of accountants it is substantial to say my family has money. Naturally, 9th graders are intimidated by upperclassmen, except for me. When I became a cheerleader it appeared all was going well. I made a lot of new friends and was even invited to senior parties. In addition, I thought high school was going to be alright until one day I walked into the locker room when I overheard a few of my teams mate say “just be nice to her she will pay for you, she paid for me and I do not even like her”. I was shocked. Similar to Richard Cory “And he was rich - yes, richer than a king” (9) people only seen me as a walking dollar sign. As a result, it is hard for me to trust people because I never know how are being real or who is being unauthentic.
Furthermore, obesity is an uphill battle with America’s youth. In my early high school days I was judged because I was