Richard LaHaie Self Esteem Essay

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Richard LaHaie
Professor Pajak
February 21, 2014
Self-Esteem Distortions The two self-esteem distortions are children with externalizing problems and children with internalizing problems. These two problems have effects from birth all the way through life. These two are night and day apart one has so high self-esteem and the other on has so low self-esteem that everything they do is wrong. Well children with externalizing problems have such a high self-esteem that they think they do nothing wrong. If they do something they do not take blame they instead blame others for what they have not done. They also act without emotions and often aggressive towards others. They ignore real life problems and have unbelievable high self-esteem. They continue to fail life because they try not to improve. In school when they get bad grade they blame the teacher for giving bad test and homework. They always say no matter what they get for grades that they are the smartest ones still. Children with internalizing problems don’t have any self-esteem and think failure into every task they try to accomplish. They are always in fear of failing even before they start the task they need to do. They continue to fail in life because they decide that they cannot succeed and stop trying at life. If they try to play sports they won’t because they say there uncoordinated or too slow and say they don’t have the heart to practice or even try to get better at the sport they are…