Richard Nixon's Watergate Scandal

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Richard Nixon was President from 1969 until 1974 and he was the only President to quite the office because what was going on. He was picked to for the house of respresentive. The watergate scandal was a huge big deal in the White House with the president right so Nixon tried to help through out all the problems that was going on and so did the senators to. You might also want to know that president nixon was awesome president well that's what i think he was the person that gave money or what we call hush money to the five burglar. Nixon said he was not trying to cover up the actions that he did. He said in a meeting that he will not be letting anyone in the White House.
Nixon was as you call it the best remembered as the president to
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On January 10, 1973 the trail of the watergate burglars and two people that were with them began . After weeks of trying Chief federal district judge Sirica told that them all the facts in the case has been revealed. The watergate board's final report thought the legislative action in three places regulation of companies actives and planes. On Februray 7, 1973 the senate vote to make the picked committee. Watergate has become the political as term with broken down and the scandal, yet the watergate hotel is one Washington's hotel. The story of the watergate has a good history and polilical background rising out from vietnam and the publication of the worlds pentegon in the papers of 1970. January 30 the former agent G, Gorden Liddy and the CIA worker James McCord the lead security director of the committee to re elect the president are picked quietly of conspiracy, and the burglary of the headquarters. The president of the United States Nixon made three major on the burglary of the watergate scandal during the year of …show more content…
A month later the old president counsel John Dean said there was an ongoing in the White House coverup and that president Nixon had been involved in the paying of the money to the five people and two other people that were involved in the planning of the break in. Three weeks later another Nixon person had revealed the president had ordered hidden kitten microphones that where installed in the White House office and where put in most of the Oval Office and every where else. The senate of the watergate investigation has still remains on of the most significant congressional inquiries in the U.S history over the course of the next 16 months the investigation committee members maintained the accord, gained public support and expanded the board of investigation to produce legislation